Caregiver Checklist

If you recognize the warning signs that indicate a change is already in progress, you could start planning early and explore the different senior care options. You may be able to provide the needed help at home by the family or by an outside for-pay professional caregivers or in-home care agency. Or you may want to start looking now for the right senior care facility and avoid the crisis.

Check all that apply to your loved one:

Frequent falls
Frequent medication mistakes or forgetting to take medication
Neglect of personal hygiene
An unsafe or unclean home environment
Not eating or drinking regularly
Needs help at night
Unsafe behavior such as forgetting to turn off the oven or leaving door unlocked
Asking same questions again and again
General confusion, disorientation of time and place
Getting lost in familiar surroundings
Wandering from home despite safeguards put into place
Losing touch with friends
Becoming paranoid of others or accusing others for
missing items

If you checked at least one of the above indicators, you need to start the conversation with your loved one and other family members who are involved in the process as to whether a senior care facility may be the right choice. Or your loved one may be able to stay safely at home with appropriate adjustments by implementing a tailored, in-home plan that I design as one of my for-fee services.

Check all that apply to you as the main caregiver of your parent(s):

I disagree with my parent about his/her care needs.
I worry about my parent’s safety when I am not there.
I take too much time off from work to attend to my parent’s needs.
My own family (kids, spouse) complains that I don’t spend enough time with them.
I argue with my siblings about who is responsible for providing care for our parent(s).

If you checked at least two of the above, you may be getting burned out by being the caregiver, and it may be the time to start a conversation about finding the right senior care facility for your parent.


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